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Vitality Gateway

Supporting ALL of YOU!

We are excited to introduce “Vitality Gateway,” an Innovative Healing Center, Bridging the Gap between Spirit and Science.

Our collaborative mission is to serve the Peninsula community with resources that recognize both cutting edge science and the timeless spiritual nature of healing.

At Vitality Gateway, we bring together the wisdom and expertise of doctors Ginger Mills, Cynthia Sholes, and Gabie Reiter. As three seasoned healing professionals we offer professional healthcare practices including neuroscience, chiropractic, hypnotherapy, naturopathy, massage, nutritional consultation, energy healing, and ancient shamanism.

With the perspective of merging both old and new healing technologies, we provide a heartfelt, effective and efficient path to renew your body, your mind and your total sense of well being!

We recognize what modern science is revealing: That healing our bodies often requires that we evaluate our minds, and that healing our minds often means that we must look too at the messages being expressed through our bodies.

Neuroscience is demonstrating that the body-mind is truly one and the same, and that all aspects of the body-mind are powered and wired by the brain and nervous system.

Our goal then is to support you in achieving optimal alignment of the body and mind, using methods that stimulate self healing, inner guidance and the natural healing powers of the brain and nervous system, without drugs or other medical interventions.

Where the modern world, including medical systems, so often leave our patients feeling disconnected, alienated, exhausted, confused and stopped by both physical and emotional pain, Vitality Gateway offers a different path.

At Vitality Gateway, we know that true health is only possible when you feel whole on the inside.

So it is our mission to keep all of you in mind – your structure, your chemistry, your mind and your spirit – and provide the professional guidance you need to get you back to feeling healthy, energized, and whole.

We invite you to stay with Vitality Gateway as we support individual and community health through consultation, treatment and education.